Core Competence

Our core competence is the design and manufacture of high-output moulds to enable the serial production of blade’s shell and internals sub-structures.

Our team offers a comprehensive shell mould design solutions, while strictly adhering to all of the applicable standards, directives and safety legislation including:

  • CE/UL Marking
  • Machinery Directive (MD)
  • Low Voltage Directive (LVD)
  • EMC Directive for Technical Documentation
  • EN 1990: Euro Code – Basis of Structural Design


Employing mature and proven technologies; our Turn-Key blade shell moulds are equipped with smart heating solutions which combine 1 or more heating technologies to achieve optimum cure and reduced process TakT.

For Blade Internals,  DFS Composites offers a wide range of composites and non-composites mould designs, which shall include passive and heated moulds for Bonding Lips/Upstands, Main Girders, Carbon Preforms, Root Inserts, Shear Webs, Root Platforms, Stiffeners, and Spar Caps.

With over than 25 years of combined experience, in the production and production engineering of rotor blades, DFS team possesses a strong know-how in new factory set-ups and lay-outs, foot print optimization, industrialization, CAPEX and OPEX reduction, impact studies, new product introduction, and technology- transfer.

DFS Composites Ltd